A borderless world dream or nightmare

Dec 1, I think borderless world is a great idea where everyone can live peacefully but considering today's world where terrorism is a major issue it is not possible for us to go borderless. Apr 12, I believe that if we had a borderless work everyone would be at peace.

And achieving the new height. Apr 2, I think border less world is a myth considering present scenario. Every country wants to be at top by showing the power, by suppressing and acquiring lands from neighboring countries.

Borderless World: A Myth or Reality?

We have been living amongst our clan. But the path is not easy. For this they made new weapons. All Images "A borderless world essay" images: Different country winnow human being on the basis of languages and cultures.

When this happens - all armies and defenses shall no longer be needed. This is why many European leaders have recently condemned multiculturalism as a failure. We would need all humans to be of one mind when it comes to fairness, doing for others, etc.

If so, then misunderstanding will b more and more in all over the world. Oct 11, No, I do not think it is possible because humans nature is to acquire the things which he see around him and he want possession on them.

Feb 1, A borderless world is a myth. This is the main disparity we are facing today. If we think about our need, our freedom, our religion means we only think for our benefit. Then, There exist so many differences like caste discrimination, gender inequality, racism etc which makes difficult for a person to control this whole country and makes them happy.

People struggled an awful amount of time in the history, travelling around the world drawing borders, just to prevent people fighting over authority in the future.

Oct 25, This world can become borderless but before that everyone in the world should be in favour of unity in diversity which can only happen if people have a broader mindset.

And also there is no war for reservation of caste. What if we could live in a safe and free world that did not cling desperately to culture in the face of overwhelming capitalistic domination. This will also reduce terrorism in the society. Oct 25, This world can become borderless but before that everyone in the world should be in favour of unity in diversity which can only happen if people have a broader mindset.

While we give lip service to things such as free trade and global human rights, the sovereignty of nations remains unquestioned. Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution.

Oct 19, Desire make human crucial.

A borderless world essay

So the world should be divided into countries and area limited by border. This will tend to reduce the broadening of ideas and will constrict to only specific areas.

This will also reduce terrorism in the society. Nov 1, You guys keep mentioning the European Union as an example of a good "borderless" society. Countries came together to form a single country European Union.

May 30, Could this debate be taking us to one world order. Its always going to remain a pipe dream. Feb 10, Border less world is a good idea.

If in class student is huge then it would be out of control of corresponding faculty. Then how it will possible to unite the whole population of the world if it becomes borderless. Due to their different ideology, they do not feel comfortable whenever they live all together that's why they live accordingly.

Why when politician excites us against one another why instead of saying and proving them wrong we start doing caste discrimination the same old rule they follow 'Divide and Rule' and they win as always come forward live freely live in a borderless world.

Borderless World: A Myth or Reality?

We should stick to making our own countries better and keep the borders. a Nightmare Evolved Into a Dream Daisha Magruder Zach Litton ENG 22 February ` Being all you can be doesn’t sound hard to do, but it is one ofmany of the Army’s mottoes;if you think Words; 4 Pages; Understanding Dreams dream world was regarded as an extension of reality.

A borderless world essay MAS-ESS ESSAY COMPETITION The Role of the State in an Increasingly Borderless World CONTENTS Page Foreword by Mr Koh Yong Guan, Managing Director, MAS 2 People are coming together to achieve a better life and common goals through cooperation and sharing.

A Borderless World: Dream or Nightmare? Research Paper on Imigration issue in canada. Explained with examples. And given philosophical point and pros and cons of opening borders to all imigrants.

A borderless world: Dream or nightmare consequences of open borders. It is also worth remembering that, even within the EU, mobility rights are far from absolute. It is not easy, for example, for a citizen of, say, Portugal, to move to Germany and immediately take up social assistance.

Is this a dream worth fighting for? Is this a world worth sacrificing for? The first response for many is that this is an unrealizable pipe dream, and not even a positive one. A borderless world—for all its promises of freedom and harmony—is fraught with all kinds of problems as well.

In the absence of these conditions the noble vision becomes a nightmare Myron Weiner (, p. ) I enjoyed reading Harald Bauder’s plea for a world without immigration restrictions because it represents a fresh perspective, at least for geographers, on globalization and migration.

A borderless world dream or nightmare
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